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The Science Behind IV Therapy: Benefits Explored

Experience enhanced recovery and revitalization as essential nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream, optimizing your body’s natural healing processes.

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What Is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy, or intravenous therapy, involves administering fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream through an IV drip. This method ensures rapid absorption and delivery of nutrients to cells throughout the body. IV Therapy is commonly used to address dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, and various health conditions. Trained healthcare professionals administer therapy at The Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles.

IV Therapies Available At The Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles.

Rehydrate IV

Hydrate, combat fatigue, and improve cellular function with this IV infusion, packed with magnesium, selenium, and B vitamins to relieve hangovers and headaches.

Energy IV

Burn fat, boost energy, and revitalize metabolism with our balanced blend of vitamins and amino acids, ensuring you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Recovery & Performance IV

Enhance workout recovery and performance with our IV infusion of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This reduces downtime and boosts stamina and energy.

Immunity IV

Strengthen your immune system and expedite recovery with our targeted blend of vitamins, including zinc. Zinc bolsters your body's defense against viruses and enhances infection-fighting capabilities.

Relief IV

Alleviate bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort, and lower back pain with our specialized IV blend of vitamins and minerals, offering targeted relief for digestive and muscular discomfort.

Anti-Aging IV

Enhance skin condition and texture by internally addressing acne, wrinkles, and tiredness. Our blend of vitamins, including vitamin C and biotin, targets aging signs, promoting skin rejuvenation and minimizing their effects.

Myers Cocktail IV

Elevate your well-being with our "Gold Standard" IV therapy, delivering a potent blend of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream for optimal health and vitality.

What Are The Benefits Of IV Therapy?

IV Therapy provides rapid hydration, making it an effective solution for dehydration caused by illness, exercise, or excessive alcohol consumption.

By bypassing the digestive system, IV Therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, ensuring optimal absorption and utilization by the body.


IV Therapy can replenish essential vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins and electrolytes, to enhance energy levels and combat fatigue.


IV Therapy delivers immune-boosting nutrients like vitamin C and zinc, helping to strengthen the immune system and ward off illness.


IV Therapy can speed up recovery from illness, jet lag, or strenuous physical activity by providing the body with the nutrients it needs to repair and regenerate tissues.

Some IV Therapy formulations contain antioxidants and detoxifying agents that help rid the body of toxins and free radicals, promoting overall health and wellness.

IV Therapy can alleviate the symptoms of hangovers by rehydrating the body and replenishing lost nutrients, leading to faster recovery and relief from headaches and nausea.

IV Therapy may help reduce stress and improve mood by providing nutrients that support neurotransmitter function and overall brain health.


Certain IV Therapy formulations contain ingredients that promote skin health and hydration, leading to a glowing complexion and reduced signs of aging.

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Nina GohariNina Gohari
00:40 11 Jan 24
Hi - I want to leave this review because this facility has one of the most informative, intelligent, kind, and helpful staff by name of Amanda. Amanda is a gem. She spent a lot of time explaining the benefits of the treatments that I was seeking, but also was so HONEST and CONSIDERATE that stated that due to my medical condition, I should not yet seek the desired treatment they office at their facility. Amanda was not only kind, concern, and honest and spoke with much integrity about how I am vulnerable to receive the treatment, but also she offered many many other alternatives that are available and could be helpful. She honestly took such a long time to explain several options, which some did not even was something they offered, but due to my medical condition could be simple and very useful. I may not be able to use their services now and hopefully later, but I am sure going to refer this facility to anyone who is looking to get stem cell treatment.
Lindsay BacchiLindsay Bacchi
17:29 09 Aug 23
Amanda was the best!! So was the doctor and physical therapy post stem cells treatment. Very knowledgeable, professional and helpful with all questions pre, during and post—would highly recommend 10 stars if we could. 5th floor kind of across the street and close to amazon fresh/cvs off Ventura in a high rise. Thank you Dr. Fisherman and team!
Rania MaidaRania Maida
08:06 15 Oct 22
Amazing doctor and amazing staff. Highly recommend Dr. Fishman for anyone considering an alternative to invasive surgery for back pain, bulging or slipped disc, joint pain or injury. Dr. Fishman will explain everything and put you at such ease that it melts your worry and anxiety away about surgery and actually give you hope for a pain free future.
Lathan BoozerLathan Boozer
00:43 08 Dec 20
I have had great results after having stem cell. I have notice less pain after receiving injections in my spine. I can feel my body still healing. I have notice remarkable strength and mobility since having stem cell therapy. Its worth the long drive for long Beach to Encino . I recommended to nonevent looking for an alternative to surgery
Cwennen CorralCwennen Corral
05:33 05 Nov 19
My mother got a stem cell injection in her hip a few months before her 76th birthday instead of getting another hip replacement. She is so happy with the results and has been living pain free for the past 6+ months. She keeps telling everyone she knows about Dr. Fishman and Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles and thinks the drive from Riverside County to Encino is worth every penny!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intravenous (IV) Therapy involves the administration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous drip. This method ensures maximum absorption and bypasses the digestive system, allowing for immediate and comprehensive nourishment at the cellular level.

IV Therapy delivers a customized blend of nutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system’s absorption barriers. This allows for rapid and efficient delivery of nutrients to cells throughout your body, promoting optimal functioning and supporting various physiological processes.

IV Therapy can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Immune system support
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Hangover relief
  • Detoxification
  • Skin rejuvenati

Yes, when administered by qualified medical professionals, IV Therapy is considered safe and well-tolerated. Our experienced team at Dr. Stem Cell ensures that all IV treatments are performed using sterile techniques and high-quality ingredients to guarantee your safety and comfort.

The duration of an IV Therapy session can vary depending on the specific treatment protocol and your individual needs. Typically, sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour, during which you’ll relax in a comfortable environment while receiving your infusion.

The number of IV Therapy sessions required depends on your goals, current health status, and the specific nutrients being administered. Some individuals may benefit from a single session for immediate relief or hydration, while others may require a series of treatments to address chronic conditions or optimize wellness.

While IV Therapy is generally safe, some individuals may experience minor side effects such as temporary discomfort at the injection site or a feeling of coldness as the solution enters the bloodstream. Serious complications are rare and will be closely monitored by our medical team.

Scheduling an IV Therapy session at Dr. Stem Cell is simple. Just reach out to our office to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members who will guide you through the process and help you select the most suitable treatment options for your needs. We’re here to support you on your journey to optimal health and vitality.

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