Diseases and Injuries Can Be Treated with Stem Cells

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Stem cell treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, previously only available as a research tool, is now a reality and available to the public. This cutting-edge medicine allows us to utilize the patient’s own adipose tissue to extract stem cells to treat joint, cartilage, tendon, ligament and spine conditions.

Why Choose Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles

stem-cell-researchOur office focuses on outpatient treatment using adipose-derived stem cells harvested from the patient, and then deployed into the patient’s painful joint or spine a few hours later. These stem cells then have the capability of differentiating into multiple cell types such as cartilage, tendon, bone, muscle, and more, depending on the environment into which they are placed. Additionally, these stems cells secrete various soluble factors providing “trophic activity” capable of manipulating a broader range of biological functions.

Many patients have been advised to have surgery or other risky treatments for their medical conditions, and are searching for less invasive options. Some patients have heard compelling testimonies about stem cells on various websites. Many have read research literature concerning results of stem cell treatments in animal models and humans. Stem cell treatments at our office are indicated for a wide spectrum of conditions. The majority are for musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or soft tissue inflammatory conditions. Rather than just covering up pain, these stem cell treatments are designed to regenerate the abnormal injured tissue.

Current medical treatments such as cortisone, narcotics, or anti-inflammatory medications have been successful at reducing pain, but only act as a “band aid” in masking the disease causing symptoms. These therapies work well for temporary relief, but they do not repair the underlying problem. In an effort to provide relief for patients suffering from certain degenerative diseases that have been resistant to current medical treatment, we have initiated pilot studies to document treatment effectiveness with adipose-derived stem cells.

Who is a Candidate

shoulder-pain-stem-cellThe diseases and problems that can be treated at our office will depend on the type of degenerative condition you have. A specialist will evaluate you, and determine whether you are a potential candidate for stem cell therapy. If you have been recommended for treatment, had an opportunity to understand the potential risks and benefits, and decided on your own that you would like to undergo stem cell therapy, then you can be considered for treatment.

Only certain medical conditions are currently being treated at our clinic. All patients need to be medically stable to undergo treatment in our facility. Some patients may be denied, due to the severity of their medical condition, or the presence of contraindicated medical problems, such as active infection anywhere in the body, uncontrolled cancer, individuals with a bleeding disorder, or those taking “blood thinners”.

Patients who are considered candidates (based on information provided on the patient application form) will be offered the opportunity to attend a consultation with one of our physicians.

About Investigational Treatments

stem-cell-investigational-researchIt should be noted all treatments are currently in the investigational stage. While we acknowledge that our patients are pursuing improvement in their medical condition through stem cell therapy, each treatment is part of an ongoing investigation to establish optimal parameters for treatment, to evaluate for effectiveness and any adverse effects. It is essential that patients understand they are participating in these investigational (research) analysis. FDA regulations prevent our office for making any claims about expectations for success. There is no FDA approval for stem cell treatment of specific diseases. In the United States, use of stem cells is currently considered investigational. However, the performance of this procedure falls under the category of a physician’s right to practice medicine, where the physician and the patient are free to consider and choose their own course of treatment.

The FDA does have guidelines with regard to manipulation of the patient’s own tissues. Our medical group practices diligent adherence to these FDA guidelines. We provide same day stem cell harvesting and deployments after minimal (if any) cell manipulation. If you are chosen for treatment, it will be explained that we believe stem cell therapy may be beneficial, or in some cases that we are unsure and treatment will be considered investigational. For example, in the treatment of arthritis, regeneration of cartilage tissue may not produce results for several months. While some patients may not experience significant improvement, others may encounter excellent regeneration of injured tissue, or even resolution of disease. It is important to remember that the disorders we are treating at our clinic under the Cell Surgical Network Institutional Review Board represent pioneering work.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for patients to experience a real cure from their ongoing pain and functional difficulties using adipose-derived stem cells.

We would like to see patients return to an active life style, pain free and functioning at the highest level. We hope to be a resource for patients who desire access to regenerative treatment, provide a choice to those informed patients who seek modern regenerative therapy and desire convenience, quality, and affordability. 

Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal Conditions Treated with Stem Cells at our Office