Freezing Your Stem Cells

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Freezing Stem Cells

If you cannot receive all injections at the same time, or you do not have the time to undergo liposuction again, it is possible to actually freeze your stem cells. Cryopreservation is the act of freezing stem cells in a cryolab. The Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles utilizes a credible, FDA approved cryolab in the east coast to freeze stem cells, allowing patients to receive injections at a later date.

In the initial treatment session the surgeon will remove 45 or more cc’s of fatty tissue, condense and purify the cells, and split the amount in half. Half of the stem cells will be reinjected during that same treatment session, while the other half will be sent to the cryolab. Stem cells are only viable for the first 72 hours once removed from the body, but it takes no more than 24 hours to be delivered to the cryolab. Once in the lab, stem cells can theoretically be frozen and kept viable indefinitely. Once a patient decides they would like to come in for the rest of their injections, it only take 24 hours for them to be returned to the Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles.

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