Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

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stem cell breastsStem cell breast augmentation is the most natural way to achieve a bust increase, and it’s proven to provide more effective, longer lasting results than a standard fat transfer to the breasts. If you are interested in this advanced breast and body contouring technique, do not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles location and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help schedule your consultation appointment.

What is Stem Cell Breast Augmentation?

stem cell breast augStem cell breast augmentation is where science meets art. This cosmetic surgery advancement amplifies the effectiveness of a breast fat transfer by injecting the viable fat graft with unspecialized adipose tissue stem cells. The fat graft is obtained from a donor location, such as the hips or abdomen, with a specialized technique called cell assisted liposuction.

Cell assisted liposuction is performed on the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) of the adipose tissue for its attainability and stem cell abundance. A portion of the fat graft is then placed in a centrifuge to separate the adult stem cells from the rest of the graft. Those stem cells are then reintroduced to the fat graft, which is then skillfully injected into the breasts for proportional, natural-looking and feeling results. Fat grafts do already contain stem cells, but adding a condensed, highly potent amount to it increases the chance of more graft taking to its new location. The added stem cells also aids in the recovery process, and they can augment the breasts slightly more over time as the cells become surrounding breast or fatty tissue.

Reasons to Get a Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

  • Wish to slim down certain areas of the body and augment the breasts.
  • Replace breast implants with a fat graft for a more natural look and feel.
  • Replace breast implants with a fat graft for a lasting augmentation solution that does not need to be removed or replaced.
  • Undergo stem cell breast augmentation after mastectomy or lumpectomy to recontour the breasts.
  • Use adipose derived stem cells in addition to breast implants to reduce rippling effect.
  • Use adipose derived stem cells during a breast lift for those who desire a slight augmentation but do not want breast implants.

Natural Breast Augmentation vs Implants

natural breast augmentationNatural breast augmentation, also known as fat transfer breast augmentation or breast lipotransfer and the base technique for stem cell breast augmentation, has increasingly risen in popularity over the original gold standard of breast enlargement, implants. Fat has become the ideal breast enlarger for its host compatibility; the body will not reject a fat graft because it is the same material found abundantly in the body. The same cannot be said for implants, which may cause an adverse reaction and the body to reject the foreign objects.

Natural breast augmentation also requires much smaller incisions that are only necessary for the liposuction portion of the procedure; the re-injection is performed with thin needles which do not require incisions. Insertion of breast implants typically requires incisions running the span of the breast crease which can potentially result in visible scarring.

Some women have said that breast implants do not provide as natural-looking or feeling results as they’d like. The benefit of natural breast augmentation is, as the name states, the naturalness of the end results. The augmenting material is the same found just about everywhere in the body, so the look and feel are consistent. And fat grafts can stay in the body indefinitely; they do not need to be replaced unlike implants.

Benefits of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Aside from the lack of implants required for enlargement, stem cells derived from adipose tissue are extremely beneficial for natural breast augmentation. Unspecialized adult stem cells can become other cells and tissue through natural stimulation. So stem cells originating from adipose tissue that are injected into the breasts can receive signals from the breast tissue to stimulate their transformation into the same tissue. This alone can create fuller breasts, but the reinjection of the fat graft too enlarges the breast with the natural material. The injection of stem cells into the fatty tissue has also been proven to increase blood flow, aiding in healing and promoting a healthy, speedy recovery.

Your Consultation

An initial consultation at our Los Angeles location is necessary to determine if someone is a candidate for a stem cell breast augmentation.

The patient’s assigned stem cell expert will first listen to their concerns about fat deposit problem areas and the desired breast size increase. They will then conduct an examination of the potential donor locations, assessing if there is an adequate amount of fat to harvest for transfer. If the doctor finds the patient to be a good candidate, a personalized surgical plan will be drawn, including custom recovery and preparation tips and instructions. Patients are highly encouraged to vocalize any concerns or questions they may have about the process because it is our goal at the Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles to make sure all of our patients are comfortable with their decision to undergo any treatment or procedure.

Both Dr. Younai and Dr. Fishman of the Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles are stem cell experts with a keen eye for body sculpting. Their decades of combined experience make them highly sought out for stem cell breast augmentation in Los Angeles, a cosmetic procedure rapidly rising in popularity. If patients happens to also be interested in stem cell therapy for an injury or disease, they are welcome to express this at the time of the consultation and the doctor will be more than happy to go over all stem cell therapy options. They can possibly administer stem cell therapy treatment during the stem cell breast augmentation surgical session to avoid two different sessions and two separate recoveries.

Ideal Candidates

breast augmentation los angelesIdeal candidates must be healthy and at a stable weight, but have localized fat deposits that aren’t responsive to either exercise or a healthy diet. They must have enough fat deposits suitable for augmenting the breasts to the patient’s desired size, as well as obtaining a viable amount of stem cells for reinjection. It is very important that patients have realistic expectations for stem cell breast augmentation. It will not produce the same protrusion and augmenting results as breast implants can. The assigned Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles doctor will be able to provide a more accurate sizing and profile measurement for stem cell breast augmentation results after the consultation examination. Additionally, those who desire both a bust increase and stem cell therapy for an injury or disease could qualify as a candidate for treatment in the same surgical session.

How to Prepare Properly

Each stem cell breast augmentation patient will receive preparatory instructions tailored to their individual case, but for all patients, the following must be done:

  • Arrange for transportation to take patients home after they are released from the recovery room.
  • Pick up all medications prescribed by the doctor in a timely manner; most of them will be necessary right after surgery.
  • Refrain from taking anti inflammatory medications and smoking three weeks before the surgery date. This will also be necessary during recovery.
  • Make sure to have at least four to six days off from work to rest and recovery. This is key for optimal end results.
  • Please bring loose fitting clothing to surgery.

The Procedure Process

Depending on the extent of the case, stem cell breast augmentation can be performed under local or general anesthesia. This outpatient procedure typically takes about four to five hours to complete. The donor locations will be prepped and then cell-assisted liposuction is skillfully performed, keeping in mind the natural proportions of each individual frame. A portion of the fat graft is placed in a centrifuge which will spin at a high velocity to separate the adult stem cells from the rest of the graft components. Once they are retrieved, they are reintroduced to the fat graft. A thin needle will be used to inject the fat graft into the breasts in small portions at a time to ensure evenly distribution.

Recovery and Results

breast augmentation postopbreast augmentation postThe recovery for stem cell breast augmentation is comparable to a breast fat transfer. The liposuctioned areas will be wrapped with a special compression garment to minimize swelling. A surgical support bra may be provided to take initial pressure off the breasts. Please take one to three days off from work to rest; rest is key to recovery. Stem cell breast augmentation patients are able to return to their normal routine after a couple of days, and more strenuous activities can be partaken in at about the four week mark. More individualized recovery instructions will be provided before you leave the office to make recovery as smooth and easy as possible.


Stem cell breast augmentation varies in cost based on different factors such as the amount of liposuction performed, the amount of areas, anesthesia, etc. Price will reflect appropriately if a patient receives stem cell therapy treatment for an injury in the same surgical session. Please feel free to contact our Los Angeles office and we will gladly help you schedule a stem cell breast augmentation consultation where you can receive a custom quote.