Stem Cell Butt Augmentation

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butt-lift-surgery-stem-cellsIn a typical butt augmentation through fat grafting, not all of the fat reinjected into the butt for augmentation is retained. Some of this fat is reabsorbed by the body, so the butt can appear to deflate again over time. But by using Dr. Fishman and Dr. Younai’s special stem cell technique, practically none of the injected fat is reabsorbed. This means that the results the patient sees are the results that they get to keep!

Read more about butt augmentation at Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles below, and please feel free to request a consultation at our Encino location.

What are Stem Cells?

stem-cell-workStem cells are a very special type of cell found abundantly within the body. Adult stem cells are not specialized, meaning they possess the ability to become other cells and tissue to assist in rehabilitation and regeneration. Some places one can find stem cells are blood vessels, bone marrow, brain, teeth, heart, and adipose tissue. Adipose tissue, more commonly known as fat, is used by the expert surgeons at the Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles to obtain easily harvested stem cells.

What is a Butt Augmentation with Stem Cells?

Butt augmentation through fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or a Brazilian Butt Lift, increases the size and shape of the butt by removing fat from one part of the body and repurposing it to augment the buttocks. This is similar to the technique utilized during a butt augmentation with stem cells, however, stem cells provide added benefits, which you can read about below.

During the procedure, adipose derived stem cells will gently be harvested from the SVF (stromal vascular fraction) layer during a special liposuction procedure. The stem cells taken from this layer are easy to obtain since it is not very deep. Then, in the augmentation part of the procedure, the stem cells are reinjected back into the fat that is to be transferred.

This technique can greatly increase the amount of fat that the body takes and keeps, leaving the patient with longer lasting and more voluptuous results. Plus, it will increase blood flow to the targeted area, leading to healthier looking skin.

Benefits of a Stem Cell Butt Augmentation

Fat can be used for good – to increase the size of the buttocks while decreasing the size of fat deposits on the body. Therefore, when adipose derived stem cells are added to the procedure, the results are even more astounding. Here are just some of the reasons why patients love stem cell butt augmentations:

  • There is no risk of the body rejecting the material since it is simply harvested from the patient’s own body
  • Increases the amount of fat cells that take to the augmented area
  • Proven longer lasting results, when compared to a standard Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Natural looking results, especially when compared to butt implants
  • Improved natural blood supply to the buttocks, which also enhances the appearance of the skin in the augmented area
  • Reuse of fat in the body for good
  • Safe and effective

Good Candidates

Good candidates for a butt augmentation with stem cells are candidates who wish to increase the size and shape of their buttocks without utilizing synthetic material such as implants.

Candidates should be at a healthy, stable body weight. However, they should have localized fat deposits that are suitable for liposuction in order to harvest donor fat and stem cells. Some common areas include the abdomen, love handles, or the back.

Smokers are not good candidates for a butt augmentation with stem cells, as smoking can severely complicate the healing process and impede the ability for the injected fat to take to the augmented area. Smokers who wish to have a butt augmentation with stem cells should plan on quitting for two weeks to a month prior to and after their surgery.

Candidates should also have good skin elasticity without significant sagging, as this cannot be corrected by a butt augmentation procedure alone. They should be in good health and have realistic expectations for the surgery and what to expect for the outcome. Often, candidates have tried adding mass and improving the shape of their behind in other ways, such as through exercise, but have not had any success.

Ultimately, the only way to determine a patient’s candidacy for a butt augmentation stem cell procedure is by having a consultation with Dr. Bruce Fishman or Dr. Sean Younai. Please feel free to contact our Los Angeles office to schedule an appointment.

Before & After Photos


stem-cell-butt-liftFirst, one of our surgeons will will make an incision near the part of the body where liposuction is to be performed. Using a cannula, fat will be suctioned out of this area to be used in augmentation later. Some common liposuction locations include: abdomen, flanks, hips, outer thighs, and the inner thighs.

Next, the fat will be purified. Unwanted materials like lipids and blood will be removed so that only the most viable fat is reintroduced into the body. Centrifugation will also work to isolate stem cells. Prior to injecting the fat into the buttocks, Dr. Fishman or Dr. Younai will restore the stem cells into the viable fat to create the most fortified solution.

Finally, we will reinject the fat back into the buttocks for augmentation. This can be a somewhat lengthy process, as it requires separate injections with small amount of stem cell rich fat in order to get the proper fat placement. The fat will be injected into the buttocks at various depths, so that all of the injected fat will receive a proper and adequate blood supply. The entire procedure will take upwards of three hours. However, we believe that the duration of the procedure is worthwhile for the incredible results that are achieved.

A butt augmentation with stem cells is typically performed until general anesthesia. Since it is an outpatient procedure, we ask that all patients make arrangements for a ride home following their treatment.


butt-surgeryFollowing their procedure, patients will experience some pain, bruising, and swelling in the operation sites. These side effects will all dissipate on their own, but can be minimized with a prescription medication or over-the-counter medication like Tylenol. They will be equipped with a compression garment, which they should wear consistently for the recommended amount of time. The compression garment is vital in helping the body settle into its final contoured shape.

In a typical Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, extra fat will be injected into the buttocks since the doctor is aware that most of the fat injected will not take to the desired location. This means that the results are not always permanent and, in some cases, multiple sessions are required in order to obtain the desired results.

On the other hand, when undergoing a butt augmentation with a stem cell expert like Dr. Fishman or Dr. Younai, extra fat injection is not necessary because the high potency of stem cells increases the amount of fat that can be retained. As swelling dissipates, patients will begin to see the final results of their procedure within a few weeks and can expect the results to last.

A personalized and comprehensive recovery plan will be provided for the patient in advance of their surgery.

Additional Cosmetic Stem Cell Procedures

At the Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on our ability to rejuvenate the body using its own organic material. Some of the popular cosmetic stem cell procedures we offer include:

We also offer a variety of orthopedic treatments. Please feel free to call us and learn more about the state of the art procedures offered at Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles.


During the consultation with Dr. Fishman or Dr. Younai, patients will have the opportunity to discuss their goals for surgery and explain to our doctors the concerns they have with their buttocks. One of the surgeons will then perform a physical examination to determine whether or not a butt augmentation with stem cells would be the best procedure for their body and lifestyle. In order to make this decision, we may also ask the patient about their medical history.

If the patient is deemed a good candidate for butt augmentation with stem cells, then a treatment plan will be drafted for the patient and they will have the opportunity to schedule their surgery date. At this time, our staff and doctors will answer any and all questions that the patient has so that they feel completely prepared for the procedure.


The cost of a butt augmentation with stem cells will vary from patient to patient, depending on the many customizable features of the procedure. After one of our expert surgeons has had the opportunity to speak with the patient and develop a treatment plan, then they will be able to offer an estimation of cost. Please schedule a consultation at our Encino location today by calling us or fill out our online form and we will gladly get back to you.